Which areas can treat the dentist with Light Modulation technology ®?

We mentioned at the beginning of the text of the law and the opinion of the CCS about Perioral activity by the dentist.

Being a CE certified medical equipment for treatment and not cars "the dentist can legally use it even with all the different face masks.

We preferred to be scrupulous to excess and provide as standard equipment with the only software specifically for the face and the dedicated masks.

For skin rejuvenation (red light), the more demand with the Tulip MED d. same mask + IR mask for deep revitalization (ideal for filler) with multipurpose equipment E-Ligh d. That recall also includes the dental mask to IR (for oral hygiene, periodontal and surgery).

Thus providing the dentist operational excellence in the use of strongly linked to his profession.

The range of "terminals" reserved for aesthetic physicians also includes several plates for the neck and body, and a trichological helmet.

Using these new terminals is possible only with the E-D Light and provides a software upgrade.