Legally it is correct that a dentist perform Perioral aesthetics?

This article says. 2, first subparagraph, of the Act 85/409 that clarify the boundaries of the Practitioner's behaviour: "are the subject of the profession of dentistry activities inherent in the diagnosis and therapy of diseases and congenital abnormalities and learned of the teeth, mouth, jaws and associated tissuesand dental prevention and rehabilitation".

Confirming this on 26 March 2014 was signed a "position statement on aesthetic medicine" between ANDI and scientific societies of aesthetic medicine which locates in the Perioral pertaining to the dentist.

In 2014 the CCS, the Superior Council of health, albeit with limitations, has expressed its positive opinion in that regard.

The website of Poiesis, the National Association that brings together the dentists who practice Perioral aesthetics can be updated on these issues.