Premised on the concept of Perioral aesthetics

The correct technical term for use in dental field is "Perioral aesthetics medicine of soft tissues", an area in which the competence of the dentist is a primary specialization expertise.

Practice Perioral aesthetics doesn't mean cure an illness, aging in place is not.

Means having a heart patient health and accompany it with skilled care in her slow and long ageing process. Usual thing for doctors in VIES oral dentist; the only doctor, together with that of the base, which takes us over the years.

Make aesthetic medicine is not the Perioral "paint" your face to make it look better but intervene in tissues, heal them to make them healthier. And therefore more beautiful.

More and more doctors dentists broaden their vision on what is entering dentistry Perioral care to complement the traditional dentistry. More and more dental patients rely on their doctor to complete the intra oral care with Perioral's.

Having confidence in its competence and ability to restore the health of the skin and the resulting natural aesthetic improvement.

Increasingly delineates the difference between defining dentist and doctor dentist, in a process of "holistic care" radically changing the traditional approach to the patient.

Care towards the customer is accompanied in a process of change on his face. Dealing with all aspects relating to the physical and psychological wellbeing. Not aesthetics, but dental medicine.

The real and tangible result of this new attitude is in a growth of trust relationship with the patient; in its wide acceptance and indeed its call for a professional examination expanded to the extraction zone.