Perioral Aesthetic

Light Modulation® is not a simple aesthetic treatment but a MEDICAL PROTOCOL that exploits all benefits of photobiostimulation and photoeudermia to treat skin and to prevent aesthetic blemishes in the perioral aesthetic medicine.



    The beneficial effects of photobiostimulation are widely known and accepted since many years,   
    both in medicine and surgery, with several fields of application. Photobiostimulation is a strong
    metabolic enhancer and delivery system for active ingredients trhough the dermis-epidermis layer

The several accessories: masks, helmet and bands that can be used with LIGHT MODULATION® technology, find ample application in the aesthetic medicine and skin care therapy, acting in a completely natural and effective way. By using the different possible wavelengths, valid and documented benefits are obtained.
Red Light: prevents sin aging, anti-aging action
Yellow Light: performs a drainage action on the lymphatic system
Blue Light: controls sebaceous glands with a purigying action
Infrared Light: tones us deep tissues with a stimulating action

Dr. Paolo Mezzana